AT-FREE Terms and conditions:

VAT is still to be paid on the items however the amount you pay is equivalent if you haven’t paid the VAT.

We reserve the right to decline whole orders for any reason, these are events such as, but not limited to, incorrect discounting or pricing, doubt over the legitimacy of funds, etc.

We will still issue VAT receipts for every purchase therefore you can reclaim your VAT.

For example, if you order an item costing €100 ex VAT. The total you would normally pay is €123 inc VAT. During a VAT FREE sale, we deduct the price of the item down to €81.30. Therefore when we add the VAT, the total you pay is €100 which would be the original price ex VAT.

Member discount does not apply on course traning

VAT Free does not apply for purchasing training

VAT FREE does not apply to those who are receiving higher discounts than our member discount due to legal agreement.

Our loyalty points can not be redeemed on VAT-FREE days