UV Sterilizer

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Product description

8w UV Germicidal Bulb


Non-ozone for minimazing foul odor

Very compact size for space saving

Digital timer control setting time from 0 - 60 minutes

Safety auto-off switch when door is opened

Shattered-proof swing door with see-through capability

Warning: This equipment contains germicidal UV lamp which emits strong Ultraviolet Radiation at 245nm (UVC). Ultraviolet Radiation is harmful to the skin and to the eyes and can cause serious skin burns and eye injuryeither from direct or reflected radiation. Avoid exposure and never look directly at the burning lamp. Hand and eye protection should be worn at all times when handling. The germicidal UV light bulbs in this equipment should not and never be used for illumination purpose.

Note: be sure to read and follow the instructions and safety manual before using this product.

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