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    XtremePro Ultrasound Tool Cleaner

    Cleaning and disinfecting metal tools and supplies couldn't be more convenient. Its features are speed, practicality and efficiency. It has been specially developed to help with everyday work and to be able to clean several tools in it at the same time.  It is primarily used for manicure heads, carbide heads, scissors, skin lifters, brushes and other tools / accessories, so that the disinfectant spray can work properly by removing the dirt.

     It comes with a sleek, pretty appearance. It is an excellent companion due to its practical size and ease of use. In the stainless steel tank, all tools fit comfortably, and with its 5-minute quick program, efficiency is not an issue. Recommended for everyday use.

    How it works? The liquid-filled container is vibrated by ultrasonic waves, allowing all contaminants to detach easily from the inserted surfaces. It loosens stubborn, old dirt and easily removes everyday dirt.



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