Compact base Gel Clear 8 ml


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    Soak-off, flexible and super dense base gel, provides strong adhesion.BIAB

    A new generation of base gel and nail strengthener


    Our new 2 in 1 compact base gel is a soak-off, flexible, and super-dense nail strengthener gel in a convenient polish bottle with a brush cap. Despite its high density, it’s easy to work with since it’s self-leveling and creates a smooth surface. Features very strong adhesion thus perfect for a base layer. Enhances the durability of the nails as a nail strengthener but also could be used for creating the C-curve, fixing chipped nails or sculpting nail extensions using a nail form.
    Cover Pink: Our beautiful Pink cover color with opaque coverage. Recommended for French nails / pink and whites. Apply this Compact base gel as the base layer, the nail strengthener, and as the pink base color of the French nails, then apply the white free edge color (recommended CoverPRO white) and use a top gel to finish the perfect French look.
    Translucent Nude: Medium opaque, natural, nude color that blends right with the color of the natural nails. Perfect for strengthening nails or creating less dramatic, natural effect as well as a base under less opaque colors.

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