Top and base gels

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NEW! Cool Top Gel

Cleansing-free, soak-off super shine

€21.50 + VAT

New Cool Top 4 Dark Colours

The latest Cool Top 4 Dark Colours

€12.00 + VAT

MattEver Matte Top Gel

Non-cleansing, soak off matte top gel

€14.70 + VAT

€21.00 + VAT

Compact Base Gel Family

Soak-off, flexible and super dense base gel, provides strong adhesion.

€12.00 + VAT

Compact Base Gel Clear PLUS

The new version of the popular Compact Base Gel

€12.00 + VAT

Base gel

UNIVERSAL base gel! Adhesion promoter.

€12.00 + VAT

Builder Base Gel

The strongest adhesion Crystal Nails base gel!

€12.00 + VAT

Stellar Top Gels

You can make any color shimmery by using Stellar Top Gel cleansing...

€11.00 + VAT

Gold 4ml

Gel Lac Clear Top GL0

Supershiny Clear can be used as base & top coat as well.

€12.50 + VAT

Top Seal Light gel

Softer top seal gel

€21.00 + VAT

15 ml

French Top gel

These french gels give the gel or acrylic nails spectacular french...

ABOUT Top and base gels

You can find the essential gel nail top coats: the shine gels. The most popular Top Shine is a cleansing free, non- soak off  shine gel. You have to cleanse the following ones: Top Seal, Top Seal Light. All of them are very flexible and give and incredible shine to the artificial nails. Base gel is a universal adhesion promoter ,flexible and soak off gel. You can also use it under the 3STEP CrystaLac gel nail polishes and nail sculpting.