Top and base gels

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SmartGummy Builder & Base Gel

Smart & Gummy Builder Base Gels in 4 different colours

€12.60 + VAT

€18.00 + VAT

NEW! Cool Top Gel

Cleansing-free, soak-off super shine

€15.26 + VAT

€21.80 + VAT

Glam Top Gel

The color-changing glitters of the Glam Top Gel glow like tiny...

€9.10 + VAT

€13.00 + VAT

New Cool Top 4 Dark Colours

The latest Cool Top 4 Dark Colours

€8.40 + VAT

€12.00 + VAT

Confetti Top Gel

This is a non cleansing, soak-off and flexible matte top gel, with...

€9.10 + VAT

€13.00 + VAT

Xtreme Top Shine

Totally non-yellowing, flexible Top gel

€8.40 + VAT

€12.00 + VAT

MattEver Matte Top Gel

Non-cleansing, soak off matte top gel

€14.70 + VAT

€21.00 + VAT

€9.80 + VAT

€14.00 + VAT

Aurora Top Gel

Compact Base Gel Family

Soak-off, flexible and super dense base gel, provides strong...

€8.40 + VAT

€12.00 + VAT

Compact Base Gel Clear PLUS

The new version of the popular Compact Base Gel

€8.40 + VAT

€12.00 + VAT

Base Gel Plus 8ml

Base gel

UNIVERSAL base gel! Adhesion promoter.

€8.40 + VAT

€12.00 + VAT

Builder Base Gel

The strongest adhesion Crystal Nails base gel!

€15.40 + VAT

€22.00 + VAT

ABOUT Top and base gels

You can find the essential gel nail top coats: the shine gels. The most popular Top Shine is a cleansing free, non- soak off  shine gel. You have to cleanse the following ones: Top Seal, Top Seal Light. All of them are very flexible and give and incredible shine to the artificial nails. Base gel is a universal adhesion promoter ,flexible and soak off gel. You can also use it under the 3STEP CrystaLac gel nail polishes and nail sculpting.