Cuticle Oil - Fragrance 8ml



    Product description

    Nourishes the nails in the growing zone, softens the skin.

    In case of artificial nails, it helps to neutralize the negative effects of chemicals. Available in five exotic and intense scents – freesia, pineapple, coconut, peach and vanilla - what your guest can feel even hours later.

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    Kylinn Ed.: Mixer (2015-06-01 12:22:11)

    I love mixing them in an empty bottle, I create my own scent <3

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    For everyone

    Wendy Cash (2015-02-20 14:22:04)

    I use it on my daughters natural nails when the cuticle seem dry and I use it in the salon after every treatment. Clients love to choose a scent!

    Product works well

    Florence (2014-12-03 04:57:49)

    I absolutely love how these remove the nail polish and moisturize my cuticle at the same time. I love this!