2 IN 1 - Base and top coat in one (8ml)


    €6.40 + VAT

    €8.00 + VAT

    Product description

    Improves the adhesion of color polishes.

    Prevents yellowing, improves the adhesion of color polishes, gives you shine and protection.

    More Top and base coat, nail treatments

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    3.67 out of 5

    Mary Anne: Must have 4 polish (2015-10-06 13:19:45)

    Kerya! No, it doesn't need UV. It's clear nail polish, usefull product under the color nail polish + over it for the extra shine ;)

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    uv ?

    kerya knightley (2015-08-12 12:44:29)

    Hello, does this product needs an UV Lamp?

    Worth the buy!

    Debbie (2015-01-08 21:21:13)

    Love this! Love that this is a two in one base and top coat. It glides on well and wears well.