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    New 2023 Spring Collection

    SELF-SPREADING, INTELLIGENT PREMIUM BUILDER GEL SENS by Crystal Nails range expands with a builder gel family - in the brand's trademark gold-black jar with a practical label on the top of the jar cap, so you can easily find in your drawer the Clear, Cover nude or Milky white gels. Self-spreading, non-burning builder gels that you can use also for non-filing technique. The clear is beautiful (in the jar it’s purplish) and easy to bend, the cover nude is a perfect natural shade and the milky white is milky enough to use for the Babyboomer technique, but also elegant on its own. For more secure adhesion it is necessary to use a base gel like Base Gel, Builder Base Gel, Compact Base&Builder Gel, Sens Base&Builder Gel or SmartGummy Rubber Base Gel. Bending time: 10-20 seconds (depending on the strength of the lamp). The colored versions (Cover Nude and Milky White) can also be bent without a base layer. Curing time: 2-3 minutes in UV lamp, 1-2 minutes in LED lamp.


    The 4 types of Fairy Glitter debuting in the spring-summer season will surely enchant your guests! The shining Gold, the shimmering Pink, the bluish-shining Turquoise, and the Silver will dazzle everyone. Thanks to the mixed-size Crystal Flakes in them, they are uniquely iridescent and sparkling, turning your nails into real jewels! Be the brightest in the spring season!


    The spring is also noticeable in the season's sticker designs. The motifs include colorful flowers and leaves. With patterns of different shapes and colors, you can easily decorate your spring nails and create a real jungle even on shorter nails. We also brought something for the lovers of typography and for those who prefer a simpler, clean marble effect. In 4 types of patterns: spring flowers, bright blooms, wild vegetation, and golden spots.


    Spring colors bring to life the sight of a flowery meadow with green trees, blue sky and pinky flowers. The 3S185 is a peachy pink shade, the 3S18 Rose Crystal is a light pink shade, the 3S187 Skylight evokes the blue sky of spring and the 3S188 Parrot Green creates a calm spring atmosphere. Curing time in UV 2-3 minutes, in LED 1-2 minutes. 3S185 Peach pink 3S186 Rose Crystal 3S187 Skylight 3S188 Parrot Green


    Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel - Milky shades The well-known Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel family comes with a new collection for spring with milky shades. A new generation of builder materials, it is a non-burning, perfectly shapeable, and easy-to-file AcrylGel with Xtreme density. This material is characterized by the controllability of gels and the timeless formability of acrylic powders. The elasticity of gels combined with the strength of acrylic powders. Thanks to its packaging, it can be dosed accurately without material loss. Recommended use: with Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel Thinner. Curing time in UV/LED lamp 4-5 minutes, in LED lamp 1-2 minutes Candy Floss Milky Lavender Milky Rose Skylight


    "The rubbery Compact Base Gel" The spring novelties of the popular 2STEP SmartGummy Rubber Base Gel product line include trend colors, elegant nude shades, brighter pinks and pastel colors, so everyone can find a new favorite. Curing time in UV lamp 2-3 minutes, in LED lamp 1-2 minutes. Smart: gets into place by itself, blends into the surface Gummy: because it is flexible, rubbery Rubber Base: you can use it as a base or refill the nails, create a C-curve but do not use it to build an extension on form, use instead the Compact product line or the Elasty Hardener Gel or the Sens base&builder product line for that from our builder gels with brush


    A unique solution, yet easy to use! The Ombre Spray is a powder-like substance that must be applied with a blowing motion into the surface of the non-cured Base Gel from the side of the free edge. It can be used to create a beautiful ombre gradient. How? If you prepare nails with a gel polish technique strengthened with a C-curve, apply a thin clear layer of Compact Base Gel, Sens Base Gel, or even 2 STEP SmartGummy Rubber Base on the second layer which is cured but not cleansed. Then just blow on it from the bottle. Use in several layers for more intense color depth. Available in 5 shades! Ombre Spray is sold in a special patented bottle, the 14 ml bottle contains 5 g of material to achieve a nice spreading. CN advice: In order to ensure a homogeneous application, shake the bottle from time to time during application!

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