Sens base gel - shimmer nude 10ml


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    The Sens base gel are developed for base layers and for strengthening.

    Developed for base layers and strengthening techniques (fluid base) with extra strong adhesion. We recommend it for every day salon work because it’s easier to work with bigger quantities, easy to remove, and you can also make the required nail faster, there is less chance for bubbles and it lasts longer.
    We have two new colors in the SENS Base Gel family: Shimmer white and Shimmer nude. Both of them have good coverage and the strength of the adhesion is the same as the Clear gel’s. It’s also good for French and Babyboomer nails but you can use it as its own or for decoration as well.
    This Base Gel has the strongest adhesion of the currently known Base Gels and has also a special consistency, especially for strengthening techniques. It contains small synthetic silk threads, which not just make the material stronger but it’s also easier to make a C-arc with it, the adhesion keeps itself and prevents the flowing into the nail folds. The strengthening technique is supported by both the special texture and the strong adhesion, with less detaches, also for problematic nails. It contains E-vitamins and calcium. It does not heat, flexible so the nails won’t break.
    The curing time in a UV lamp is 2-3 mins, in an LED lamp is 1-2 mins.

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