SENS by Crystal Nails Top & Base Gels


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    SENS by Crystal Nails introducing a selection of improved quality Top & Base gels


    Base Gel for Strengthened gel polish technique. This is the strongest known Base Gel on the market right now, specially developed for strengthening technique. Due to its special component, it is unique among base gels. It has tiny little artificial silk strands in it, making the product thicker and more flexible.


    Longlasting non-cleansing shiny top gel for preserve and protect the original shade of the colors. Long-lasting, non-cleansing, bright and shiny top gel. The unique feature of this product is the lack of the material what makes the colours more vivid, thus preserving the true shades of the colours. The consistency is medium, it won’t flow easily so you can work in a bit thicker layer with it in order to get a smoother surface.


    Multifunctional help to gel polish. This is a thicker kind of cleansing top gel, which helps you with your nail art and decoration. It can be used to attenuate or to weaken the (vivid) colours. When you’re doing decorations with gel polish because of the cohesive layer after curing. Due to the thickness, it can also be used for making in-build decorations. Due to its cohesive layer after curing, it can be used to attenuate or to weaken the (vivid) colours while you’re decorating with gel polish.

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