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    Royal gel - cleansing free color gel, perfect coverage in one layer!

    Royal Gel The new generation of color gels: the Royal Gel! Due to the cure accelerator component, the gel cures with no cleansing. There is no need for a second layer and Top Shine. Due to their high pigment content they are perfect for gel nail art. Cure time:  2-3 minutes according to the strength of the lamp. In LED: 1-2 minutes. In case you would like to cover acrylic nails with Royal, it is important to have a link layer between the two material groups. The best choice is to use a shine gel for articificial nails. eg.: Top Shine, which loses its sticky surface after 20-30 seconds, then you can remove its shine, so the Royal gel can stick to it. Royal gels are the base of Sugar-effect technique.

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    kimberly: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! (2015-09-17 02:07:20)

    LOVE Royal gels, they are the only gels that have enough pigment and look great with just one coat!!

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    Older reviews

    It works

    Kylinn Ed. (2015-06-30 09:49:09)

    To Boa Kim: In case of proper application it lasts for 4-5 weeks on my fake nails. Just a guess: maybe you refined too much the acrylic surface before the application of the Royal gel.


    BoA Kim (2015-06-29 15:40:08)

    There are so pretty but does not last long like they said! :(


    Charlene J. Bessler (2014-12-04 06:44:52)

    Perfect for gel nail art!

    Royal gel

    Crystal E. Stone (2014-12-27 05:03:56)

    Omg I love these!!

    Royal gels

    Helen G. Dwyer (2015-01-27 09:20:35)

    Wonderful colors , fantastic! Make the salon work waaaay much easier. :))))