Acid Free Primer 15ml


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    Product description

    Effective adhesion promoter

    Completely acid-free, adhesion creator fluid, which does not dry completely and a sticky layer will remain on the nail surface. It should be applied thinly as this sticky part will act as a double-sided adhesive between the nail plate and the material to be applied. If we apply more acid-free primer, this sticky part will be a little bit thicker, so you should only apply a thin layer to avoid chipping or lifting. 

    In cold the primer can freeze into the bottle but this does not affect the quality of the material after thawing. Make sure to wait for it to melt and regain its liquid consistency before opening, otherwise the brush will break into the bottle.

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    Karen: Good for the money (2015-01-01 20:39:57)

    Good product and resaonable price.

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