Preparatory and liquid accessories

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Nail Stamping Plate Cleaner Liquid

Nail stamping plate cleaner liquid removes stamping lacquer from...

€7.00 + VAT

€10.00 + VAT

Lemon Scent 100ml ml

Spray Prep

Preparatory, sanitizer spray

€7.00 + VAT

€10.00 + VAT

Nail Prep

Dehydrator, PH equalizer preaparatory liquid

€4.90 + VAT

€7.00 + VAT

15 ml

Acid Primer

Adhesion promoter liquid, which dehydrates the nail.

€7.21 + VAT

€10.30 + VAT

15 ml

Primer Stick (Acid)

Adhesion promoter

€8.05 + VAT

€11.50 + VAT


Acid Free Primer

Effective adhesion promoter

€8.61 + VAT

€12.30 + VAT

15ml ml

No Buffer Scrub

Superfast and super gentle preparation! Change of technology for...

€7.70 + VAT

€11.00 + VAT


Gel cleanser liquid

€2.80 + VAT

€4.00 + VAT

Acryl Remover

Removes the tips, soak off gels, CrystaLac (gel polish) and acrylic...

€4.20 + VAT

€6.00 + VAT

100ml ml

Infalab MAGIC TOUCH Liquid

Infalab MAGIC TOUCH Liquid

€7.00 + VAT

€10.00 + VAT


€7.85 + VAT

€11.22 + VAT

Acetone & Non Acetone

A strong solvent for removing false nails. Take care to protect...

€5.60 + VAT

€8.00 + VAT

ABOUT Preparatory and liquid accessories

In this category you can find the essential products for the proper nail plate preparation. Preparation is needed in every case, when sculpting gel nails, acrylic nails and before using the CrystaLac/One Step CrystaLac gel nail polishes. Prep liquids: No Buffer Scrub, which is super gentle to the nail plate. Sanitizers? Spray or Nail Prep. Primers: Acid and Acid Free. You can also find here the Cleanser( gel nail cleanser), which is used for cleansing (UV gel nails, top gels) and Removers.

The right preparation order: 1. Nail Prep 2. Primer (only at problematic nails) 3. Acid Free Primer