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    RENEWED Crystal Builder Pink I. gel (15ml)

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    Pink Builder Gels

    Pink Builder Hard Gel:

    Super dense, nail enhancement hard gel

    Pink builder gel with a glossy finish. The thicker and more vivid-colored version of Builder Pink I. Perfect for sculpting the nail bed area when using the smile line filing technique. Easy to apply, does not flow, thicker viscosity makes it ideal for creating a high-arched C-curve and for sculpting even thickness in a single step.

    Xtreme Pink Fiberglass:

    Pink builder gel with fiberglass

    Medium viscosity, opaque pink builder gel. The hardest gel in the Pink Builder Gel product line. Use it for sculpting the nail bed area atop a layer of Cover Pink or for building the entire nail.  Covers the uneven nail bed. Contains fiber glass to ensure maximum durability.

    Builder Pink I.

    Pink builder gel for nail bed enhancement

    Transparent pink builder gel, thin viscosity. Use it when filing the smile line or for sculpting the nail bed area to make it livelier.

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