Xtreme pudding builder gel 15ml


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    Product description

    Sof pudding-like cover pink builder gel

    This cover gel is mixing the flexibility of builder gels with the strength of pudding gels. These attributes allow us to apply the product evenly to the surface of the nail quickly. Suitable for traditional techniques but also good for file-free procedures as well. Shorter and longer nail types could also be created by using this gel, in both ways, the result will be long-lasting.

    The coverage of the material is astonishing and the color is spectacular and natural, it can be used
    for creating a nail bed but you can build the whole nail with it. It’s recommended to use a base gel under
    the layer. It’s relatively pinchable but thick at the end of the curing process, but it’s easy to file. The
    curing time in a UV lamp is 2-3 mins, in a LED lamp is 1-2 mins.
    CN advise: As it happens with other cover gel, in some cases there are some fallouts on the
    surface of the nail. In that case, use a spatula to smooth the material, but do not mix them!

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