111. 1 Step Crystalac 8 ml 1s111


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    One Step CrystaLac - in matching bottles

    No cleansing, flexible, soak off CrystaLac with brush. Super fast, super gentle. Conatins Vitamin A and  E. Instead of 4 layers, 1 or max. 2 layers are enough. Raise its shine by applying on ONE STEP “0” or Super Shine optic.
    Durability: 2 weeks.   
    Soak off time: 8-10 mins, according to the thickness of the nail and the amount of the solvent.
    Cure time in UV lamp: 2-3 mins, in LED: 1-2 mins (depends on the strength of the lamp).

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    Annalisa C.: Belleeeee (2015-06-15 09:42:17)

    Beautiful colors!

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