One Step CrystaLac - Gel Polish

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Super Shine CrystaLac gel polish

Cleansing free, flexible, soak off, no yellowing, high quality...

One Step CrystaLac Gel Polish

Fast work thin wear! UV/LED system. 2-3 weeks durability

French One Step CrystaLac gel polish

4 soft shades – Glassy Pink, Rose (milky pink), Pink (babypink),...

Corrector Pen

Nail polish corrector

€7.00 + VAT


ABOUT One Step CrystaLac - Gel Polish

Super fast, super gentle nail gel polish! Fast work, thin wear. 1 (max.2) layers instead of the 4, without cleansing.Gentle to the natural nails: contains vitamin A&E, easy to soak off. 2-3 weeks durability. They cure in 30-60 seconds in LED lamp, and 2-2,5 minutes in UV lamp. Gel polish - gel manicure.