One Move Art Brushes


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    Perfect for the acrylic color painting, you can paint the color transitions, lights, and shades easily with these edgy haired brushes.

    The ’’One Move’’ technique is a fast and spectacular acrylic color painting method, when you paint the color transitions, lights, and shades with a brush dipped in different paints. The brushes are particularly designed for this technique, with special edgy hair. No need for correction with another thin brush. Now easier to keep it clean, longer life hair.

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    Emily Coopers: High end (2015-04-07 16:58:52)

    Great quality! I've just applied for a Crystal Nails nail art course, can't wait to test my brushes there

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    best brushes

    Annalisa C. (2015-02-20 13:58:02)

    Creation of one move flowers are sooooooooo easy with them!