Nail Art Brushes

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Brush Cleaner Liquids

Gel & Acrylic cleaner liquids

€5.60 + VAT

€8.00 + VAT

Sponge Ombre Stick

Replaceable sponges on both ends

€15.40 + VAT

€22.00 + VAT

Acrylic Nail Art Brushes

To create 3D and convex decorations.

€12.60 + VAT

€18.00 + VAT

Nail Art Brush Kits

Nail Art Brush Kits

€10.50 + VAT

€15.00 + VAT

Gel/Acryl Art Brushes

To create easily, tiny and elegant decorations.

€11.20 + VAT

€16.00 + VAT

One Move Art Brushes

Perfect for the acrylic color painting, you can paint the color...

€10.50 + VAT

€15.00 + VAT

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ABOUT Nail Art Brushes

With the nail art brushes of Crystal Nails you can create several types of nail art designs. Different brushes for different nail designs. Use the One Move brushes to create the perfect One Move patterns, color gradients. Here you can also find the nail art brushes for gel nail art: 0 short and long brush, 2 and 3 gel brushes. If you like to work with acrylic you can find your favorites here: Mini 3D acrylic nail art brush (which can be used at gel nail designs), 3D acrylic nail art brush.