Mirror Nail Art Sticker



    Product description

    Thin glass foil-effect stickers that shine in all colors of the rainbow.

    Easy usage: First clean the nails with a Cleanser Pad then slowly and carefully pull the pattern off the backing. Put it on the nail surface and press the sticker gently (for approximately 10-20 seconds) so the heat separates the sticker from its frame. It’s a really thin sticker so it will easily fit on the nail surface. Cover the surface with 2 thin layers of non-cleansing top gel. It can be applied on the nail surface or inlaid. Your clients will love how the sun will glisten in thousands of colors on their nails.
    Available in five fantastic designs.

    Use as follows:
    1.Clean the nail with Cleanser Pad before applying the sticker.
    2.With slow and careful moves pull the pattern and its frame off the sticker backing.
    3.Make sure the pattern of the sticker is laid on the nail surface. Only the frame can touch your client’s skin. Thus, the pattern is completely disconnected from the frame.
    4.Cover it with two thin layers of non-cleansing top gel

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