Metal accessories

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Mixing Spatula

Stir your color gels with the spatula!

€10.00 + VAT


€8.50 + VAT


Stainless steel scissor - for the perfect manicure

€15.00 + VAT

C-Curve Bending Tweezers

Pinch the nails in order to get a perfect C-curve

€11.00 + VAT


Cuticle Pusher / Scraper / Fork

Everthing you use use at the preparation

Tip Cutter

Reinforced, curved, lighter. Does not flat the tip, excellent...

€11.00 + VAT

Tip cutter

Nail art needle and dotter

Nail art design tool

€12.00 + VAT


€10.00 + VAT

Rhine Stone Pick Up Tweezer

Rhinestone tweezers. A handy tool for decorating your nails.

€4.00 + VAT

Pick-Up Tweezer

ABOUT Metal accessories

METAL ACCESORIES for nail sculpting, refilling, and other metal tools, which helps your work in the nail salon.

In this category you can find the most essential tools of a nail tech, nail sculpting and manicure: cuticle scissors, nail scissors, tip cutter, C curve bending tweezers, Nail art needle for the perfect nail art designs, blades, cuticle pusher, and mixing spatula.