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Step by step

Step by step -> Acrylic stiletto by Ilona Skrynnikova

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1. Prepare your nails by pushing back the cuticle and remove all translucent skin from the nail plate surface. Gently remove the natural shine of the nail surface with Crystal Nails 180/180 green file. Remove the dust. Sterilize using Crystal Nails Spray prep. Apply Primer and Bonder. 2. Apply New Crystal Nails Stiletto forms.
3. Using Crystal Nails Light Pink Master Powder sculpt your thin base of a nail free edge. 4. Using Crystal nails Cover Pink Master Powder we create new smile line extending the nail bed. Make it very thin near the cuticle area. Then fill up this area with Light pink powder and create C-curve.
5. After acrylic has dried, use Crystal Nails Extreme Purple file 100/100, file the smile line to make it perfect. 6. Then start to create your free edge, start from the smile line using Crystal Nails Brilliant Powder nr 505
7. Create the tip of the nail using Crystal Nails Brilliant Powder nr 511. Blend the two colours together. 8. Cover the whole nail with the Light Pink master powder, creating the perfect shape of the nail and C-Curve.
9. Shape and buff the nail after acrylic has dried 10. Use Crystal nails Barbara brush and acrylic paint for extreme thin lines and we start to create the nail art. First make a thin white line.
11. Then add some black details. That will make our nail art look more detailed. 12. Use nail art needle to add some dots.
13. When paint is dry, apply Crystal nails Top Shine gel for the perfect finish. Add some crystals. Keep your nail under the UV lamp for 2 mins. Crystal nails top shine gel has extremely high gloss for the perfect finish. Finish picture 1
Finish picture 2









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Louise Crawford
Hi guys, I just completed a gel nail course with Evi at Crystal Nails Galway. She is an absolutely fantastic teacher, knowledgeable, patient and willing to go the extra mile to explain things to her students. I highly recommend the course as I learnt a lot, really like the products and what a fab teacher.




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