Glassy Crystalac Neon Pink 4ml


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    Product description

    Glimmering, gorgeous glass effect!

    The most mesmerizing gel polish trend of the spring/summer season! Create unique glass effects and nail art patterns reminiscent of the timeless beauty of the iconic Tiffany lamps! With the six spellbinding colorways of Glassy CrystaLacs, you can take your creativity to the max, as they are compatible with all 3 Step CrystaLacs, One Step CrystaLacs, and top gels!

    Apply Glassy CrystaLacs onto a smooth or sticky surface, top it off with Cool Top, Xtreme Top Shine or 0/clear ONE STEP CrystaLac or Clear/Top 0 CrystaLac.

    Cure time: 3-4 mins. in UV, 2-3 mins. in LED.


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