Tiger Eye Infinity Collection


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    Unique Tiger Eye effect. Only from Crystal Nails!

    This tiger effect not only shows a glowing-moving band on the surface of the nail, but it also changes color.

    The color of each shade changes when viewed from a different angle, when the nails are placed in a different light, and there is a large color difference between natural and cold / warm artificial light.

    Applying a shade will actually detect not one, but at least 3 distinct colors on the nails.

    We get the best results on a black background, but they can also be applied on other quite dark shades: burgundy, aubergine purple, dark green, dark blue.

    We apply a layer of Infinity Tiger Eye to these colors and magnetize it. Any magnet can be used with it, but the Multiform Tiger Eye magnet can easily create patterns that have only been available with two magnets so far.

    Cure time 2-3 minutes in UV lamp and 1-2 minutes in LED

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