Mosaic Crystal Liquid (White) 4ml


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    Product description

    Decoration Liquid with Cracking Effect

    Make your spring shades insane with Mosaic Crystal Liquid! Use it on a bright or glittery color and let the liquid shape the pattern. If you want smaller cracks, apply a thin coat of lacquer, or if you want a larger, more spectacular pattern, a slightly thicker layer is recommended.


    1. Prepare the nails as usual then apply a base colour - ideally any (sticky) colour such as any 3 Step CrystaLac, colour gel, even better: any sparkling base, and cure in UV/LED lamp.

    2. If we use a non-cleansing (sticky) colour, we have to apply some material with cleansing attributes (Compact Base Gel Clear, Pro Foil Gel Clear), in order to get a perfect cleansing (sticky) surface for the Mosaic Crystal Liquid. 

    3. Apply 1 layer of Mosaic Crystal Liquid on the surface and wait for it to dry on air which depends on the thickness (can take up 2-3 min), but you can speed up with a ventilator (/fan). 

    4. When it is completely dried and the whole surface has cracked everywhere, file the free edge of the nail and cover it with Cool Top Gel Universal in 2 layers close it properly.


    Mosaic Crystal Liquid dries in the air so don't leave the bottle open for a long time. After using make sure you clean the bottle from any excess. The bottle must be stored straight!!!! If any excess dried on the bottle please clean it with a Cleanser Pad. 

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