Aurora Crystal Liquid

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Product description

Aurora Crystal liquid is a nail art fluid that changes colour over a given temperature range and produces an effect similar to Northern light.


You can use it on any CrystaLac or Colour or Royal Gel, it is recommended that you choose a darker shade in order to achieve the full colour scale of the material.

As a first step we recommend you to use Cool Top gel and than matt the surface before aplying the Aurora Crystal Liquid. We can apply Aurora Crystal Liquid in any shape (dish, flower, geometric patterns, etc.) on the nail surface and allow it to air-dry, which may take 3-4 minutes depending on the thickness of the layer, which can be accelerated by a lamp and fan.

After drying, the material becomes translucent, you must file the edges of the nail and cover with two coats of Cool Top Universal Light Gel.

Make sure do not cover the full surface of the nail because in that case the edges will peel off.


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