174. 3 Step Crystalac 8ml (3S174) - Rose Violet


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    Product description

    Extreme durability and vibrant colors in 3 steps

    Due to the PolyHybrid technology the CrystaLac is more durable and have higher coverage. Its colors have higher pigment content. The flat brush lays on the nails, so you can work more precisely and evenly with the material.  The unique matching bottle is not only showy, but it is practical: your clinet can easily choose her favorite color.
    Creamier consistency, flexible and soak off. There are no damage or scratches. Use it on natural nail plate. 
    The base gel of the material is the Base Gel, its top gel, the Clear 0/Top CrystaLac, or in case of nail strengthening: Easy Off Top Gel
    The durability of the 3 STEP CrystaLac gel polishes is 3 weeks. 
    The soak off time is maximum 10 minutes (according to the thickness of the nail and the solvent’s type). 
    The CrystaLac cures totally in UV and LED light. 

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    Miss Claire: Finally!!! (2015-02-20 14:35:47)

    Finally, I was waiting for them too long! Can't wait to get!

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