Gel brushes

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Brush Cleaner Liquids

Gel & Acrylic cleaner liquids

€5.60 + VAT

€8.00 + VAT

Jewel Gel Brushes - for Sculpting

Fine, accurately cut hair for the best sculpting result. Jewel-like...

€7.70 + VAT

€11.00 + VAT

Gel Brushes - for Beginners

Fine haired gel brushes for beginners.

€6.30 + VAT

€9.00 + VAT

Cover Pro brush

Cover Pro brush - for gel polish application

€14.00 + VAT

€20.00 + VAT

Cover Pro Brush

ABOUT Gel brushes

High quality, exclusive design, favorable price characterizes the gel builder brushes of Crystal Nails. Here you can find soft and firm brushes with natural and synthetic hair - especially created for gel nail sculpting.

Tips and tricks:

Remove the adhesive material from the hair, before the fist use!

Use different brushes for the builder gels with pigments.