Universal Remover kit


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    Product description

    It helps you to remove CrystaLac, One Step CrystaLac, nail polish, tip or acrylic. Removal will be more efficient and material saving.

    Tip, acrylic and gel nail polish remover.

    The kit includes:

    20 pcs remover foils, 2 pcs orange wooden sticks (to push back the

    cuticle and remove the dead skin from the nail plate),30ml Acryl Remover, soft touch buffer.

    More Removal Kit

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    Francisca Fernandez: Lo recomiendo! (2015-02-26 08:59:55)

    Lo he probado y me gusta ! Aunque soy de las que me gusta limar. Este producto me ayuda a cuidar las uñas. Lo recomiendo!

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