For Nail Schools & Educators

Are you a qualified educator and running nail trainings and courses in Ireland? Would you like to consider offering your courses with Crystal Nails kit?

What is the benefit?

  • Both you and your students will enjoy working with our high quality products.
  • You will get significant discounts when ordering kits compared to our RRP.
  • Your students will receive Crystal Nails membership cards with the kit which gives them 30% discount on all future purchases from us and free attendance on our workshops – this will add lot of value to the course you offer to potential students compared to your competitors and will bring you many more new students.

Here is an example for a gel nail course kit however we can customise it to your exact needs:

  • UFO UV lamp
  • Titanium gel kit (Titanium Clear gel 5ml, Builder white gel 5ml, Cover pink gel 5ml, Top shine gel 4ml, Cleanser 40ml, sponges)
  • Builder Clear Gel II 15ml
  • Acid free primer 15ml
  • Primer 15ml or Primer pen
  • Spray prep 100ml
  • 3 nail files
  • 1 buffer
  • Tips (100 pcs)
  • Tip cutter
  • Brush tip glue 7.5g
  • Nail forms
  • Gel brush size 6
  • Dust brush small
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Nail or skin scissors
  • Handbook

This kit would cost you only 150 EUR + VAT

For more info or quote please send us an email to or call our shop at 01 8828541; mobile: 085 1512541

Please note that we don’t certify trainings or courses that are run by an educator who did not complete his / her exam with Crystal Nails Ireland. For queries on educator trainings, qualifications, accreditation or certificates please contact us at the above mentioned email address or phone number.