Giga LED Table Lamp



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    Product description

    High Quality Crystal Nails Table Lamps

    Giga LED Table Lamp:

    Adjustable brightness - 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% light intensity.
    Thanks to its wide head the it can brighten up the entire work area and as physical comfort is critical to work effectiveness it helps you get through the day by providing a comfortable feeling.
    The top of the lamps can be moved to 360 degree sideways and 180 degree up and down and it can be attached up to most of the nail stations.


    LED Table Lamp:

    Skinny, can be bended at the neck, modern newly designed table lamp. Can be fixed to the table so it doesn`t move or fall while you working.


    Smart Table Lamp

    Practical, light weight 'smart' table lamp for the well-lit work space.

    -On and Off function with motion sensor (pull your hand over the head part to switch it on and off)
    -LED light source
    -Can be warm / cool colour temperature (2700K, 5300)
    -Six gradual brightness control (3 hot and 3 cold)
    -Three point bend fixture
    Hinge, positioned head

    Accessories: adapter and mounting panel (for table top mounting).

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