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    Exclusive exterior, UV curing technology

    Professional Crystal UV Lamp - Pink, Black, Ecru
    Exclusive exterior, available in pink, black and ecru. Comes with gum soles. Strong (4x9W), with air ventilation. With time switch, mirrors inside. With the digit display buttons, it's easy to work with. There is enough room for feet too! Special plastic socket for UV bulbs - for the more secure working conditions. With reinforced cable socket.

    Tunnel Lamp
    4 double tubes (4x9W), time switch, mirror inside, air ventilation. Better design than the similar ones.

    Basic UV Lamp (UFO)
    A basic, but very pretty UV lamp. Mirror inside, 9W. Low price. You can pull off the top of it, if you want to change the tube.

    New universal LED Bulb:

    New invention 9W LED/UV bulb with double wavelength scale (365+405nm).

    You can use all of your materials as they cure quickly and safely under this light.

    Crystal Nails advice:

    UV Bulbs need to be changed if the Top Shine gel does not cure in 2 minutes.

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