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    Product description

    Dental quality premium tool with 30,000 RPM.

    Xtreme Drill 4:

    Latest edition Crystal Nails drill machine - due to its special axle, it is super strong and totally resonance free. The four bearings ensure the quiet and smooth work. Very reliable product. Long lifespan – durable components, precise assembly, the dust can not get inside thanks to its construction. Changing the drill bit takes just a few seconds. Forward-backward rotation, 0 - 30,000 adjustable RPM. (Sold without the drill bit shown on the picture)

    Xtreme Drill 3:

    Premier drill made by a dental quality manufacturer. Improved rotation (20,000- 30,000). Stronger, totally resonance free. Quiet at even the highest rotation. Long lifetime due to the durable components. Bit changing with one move.


    X1 Drill Machine:

    Our new favourite is the new X1 Drill. It has good load capacity; back and reverse spinning; 0-20.000 rev and amazing price!

    The X1 Nail Drill machine is used for the nails forming and removing during the manicure and artificial nail building procedure. With its easy control and small body, it is a true aid for both the beginner and experienced professionals as well. Small snow-white design with basic, reliable knowledge: FWR/REV rotation, stage-free 0-20.000RPM speed control for the quality of work. 

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