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Travel Drill Set


    €85.00 + VAT

    Product description

    Dental quality premium tool with 30,000 RPM.

    Xtreme Drill 4:

    Latest edition Crystal Nails drill machine - due to its special axle, it is super strong and totally resonance free. The four bearings ensure the quiet and smooth work. Very reliable product. Long lifespan – durable components, precise assembly, the dust can not get inside thanks to its construction. Changing the drill bit takes just a few seconds. Forward-backward rotation, 0 - 30,000 adjustable RPM. (Sold without the drill bit shown on the picture)

    Xtreme Drill 3:

    Premier drill made by a dental quality manufacturer. Improved rotation (20,000- 30,000). Stronger, totally resonance free. Quiet at even the highest rotation. Long lifetime due to the durable components. Bit changing with one move.

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