Crystal Spa Hand, foot and body products

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NEW! Spa Care & Tonic

Fresh citrus and eucalyptus-scented foot cream.

€9.80 + VAT

€14.00 + VAT


Foot, Hand & Body Lotions 250ml

Crystal Spa Hand, Foot & Body Lotions

€8.05 + VAT

€11.50 + VAT

New! Spa Care & Nourish

Hydrates the dry skin on the feet and softens any skin hardening.

NEW! SPA Peeling Scrub - Passion Fruit

This peeling scrub ensures the absorption of the active ingredients...

€14.00 + VAT

€20.00 + VAT


NEW! SPA Bath Salt with Eucalyptus

A real cure for dry, cracked skin.

€8.12 + VAT

€11.60 + VAT


NEW! SPA Feet Scrub with Avocado

This salt cleanses and opens the pores of the skin.

€12.60 + VAT

€18.00 + VAT


NEW! SPA Hydro Cream For Feet & Body

Nourishing skincare cream with vegetable oils, vitamins, and a...

€12.60 + VAT

€18.00 + VAT

New! Finish Spray For Feet

Foot spray to prevent dehydration and exfoliation.

€4.90 + VAT

€7.00 + VAT

NEW! Spa Callus Softener Spray

It softens and relaxes intercellular bonds with its urea, lactic...

€2.80 + VAT

€4.00 + VAT

Callus Remover Drops

Callus remover drops

€4.55 + VAT

€6.50 + VAT

30 ml

Callus Softener Spray

Softens calluses, hydrates the skin.

€6.93 + VAT

€9.90 + VAT

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CRYSTAL SPA HAND FOOT AND BODY PRODUCTS are the best way to perform spa treatments at home, or in your salon. 

The expert of smooth and well-groomed feet!