Crystal Spa Hand, foot and body products

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Callus Remover Drops

Callus remover drops

€6.50 + VAT

30 ml

Callus Softener Spray

Softens calluses, hydrates the skin.

€9.90 + VAT

€12.00 + VAT

Skin Butter

Contains Shea butter, pomegranate and aloe vera.

€18.00 + VAT

30 ml ml

SPA Paraffin

In 6 intense scents.

€12.00 + VAT

Preseptic Spray

An effective hand and foot sanitizer

€3.50 + VAT

Preseptic Soap

Colorless product, non irritant, antiseptic with skin softeners.

€5.00 + VAT

Pedi Salt

Remedy for the dry skin. In 3 relaxing scent.

€9.90 + VAT


Warming Balm

Contains Lavender, rosemary, ginger, and camphor.

Skin Repair

Acitve softener for dry skin or for thick calluses.

€5.00 + VAT

30 ml

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CRYSTAL SPA HAND FOOT AND BODY PRODUCTS are the best way to perform spa treatments at home, or in your salon. 

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