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    Special world of nail art materials.

    SENS Nair Art Brush Guide

    Synthetic liner collection, especially developed for creating lines with artificial, thin hair in it.

    Small: 3 mm, very small, thin for short lines and small patterns.

    Medium: 6mm, for contouring, medium long lines. Also, you can use it for glue, gels and applying rhinestones and mini beads.

    Large: 9mm, for longer thicker straight lines.

    Synthetic Blend Collection:

    Developed for one move techniques and shadowing. It is made with artificial hair. We have flat, horizontal, sidelong and beveled brushes therefore they can make your work easier. They can be used for gel or acryl paints as well. In order to chose well, consider the size of the pattern you want to create.

    Small: for small patterns and shadowing.

    Medium: for small patterns.

    Large: for bigger patterns.

    Natural Shadow:

    Thick, wild, shape of a cylinder with natural hair. It is suitable shadowing or bigger patterns. Use it for techinques with acryl (not acrylic) and aquarell materials.

    Natural Liner:

    Developed for acryl and aquarell painting techniques with natural hair in it. Creating thin lines and precise patterns with this brush is effortless.

    Synthetic Art:

    Perfect for gel painting, creating petals and flowers and for shadowing. This is a small
    brush shaped as a cat tongue. It has a fine, soft, flexible and artificial hair. Use it for
    thicker nail art gels: Art Gel, Art Gel Pro.


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