2021 Crystal Nails Summer Collection

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2021 Summer 3 Step Collection

4 new 3 Step Colours for this summer

€15.00 + VAT

2021 Summer One Step Collection

The new One Step Crystalac's have new spectacular pink shades.

€15.00 + VAT

Confetti Top Gel

This is a non cleansing, soak-off and flexible matte top gel, with...

Xtreme Superior Builder Gel Natural Pink

This is nthe new brighter ad more pink shade of our Xtreme Superior...

€19.44 + VAT

€27.00 + VAT

New Sens AcrylGel Colours

The 2 new shades of Sens by Crystal Nails acyrlgel.

€27.00 + VAT

€45.00 + VAT

Sens Flash Gel Polish Collection

Soft, sparkling flash effect gel polishes

€10.50 + VAT

€15.00 + VAT

New Sens Plastygel Colours

Colorful and thick nail art gel which can bring the fantasy alive.

€10.05 + VAT

€15.00 + VAT

Glow Pigment Powders

The most popular pigment powders now in neonpastel shades.

€5.00 + VAT

New SENS Nail Art Brushes

This brand has been waited for a long time now, everyone has to try...

€23.04 + VAT

€32.00 + VAT

New Sens Sketch Nail Art Pen

New Nail Art Pen

€6.00 + VAT

Sketch Nail Art Pen

2021 Summer Nail Art Stickers

New Nail Art Stickers For 2021 Summer

€4.00 + VAT

2021 Royal Gel Collection

The new shades of the Royal Gels have irresistibly fresh colors...

€13.00 + VAT