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€0.00 + VAT

Orange Brush Cleaner Liquid

For the more permanent decor brushes

€8.00 + VAT

30 ml

Dust brush

Essential salon tool for the perfect result

€1.60 + VAT

Brush Case And Cleanser

Brush container

€0.00 + VAT

Brush case and cleaner

Soak Off Foil

Cotton pads in aluminium cover

€13.00 + VAT

Porcelain Dish With Plastic Cover

For liquid, closeable.

€5.00 + VAT

Porcelain / plastic

C-curve holder – normal

Tool for creating the perfect C-curve

€9.00 + VAT

Pump dispenser jar

For liquid storage

€10.00 + VAT

Nail Form Dispenser

You can ease your work with these form dispensers

€12.00 + VAT

3M professional dust mask

Shuts out pollen, dust and bacteria.

€0.00 + VAT

1 pcs

Manicure Bowl

Essential manicure preparation tool.

€3.70 + VAT


Cloth gloves

High quality cloth gloves.

€5.00 + VAT