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    Xtreme Drill 4:

    Latest edition Crystal Nails drill machine - due to its special axle, it is super strong and totally resonance free. The four bearings ensure the quiet and smooth work. Very reliable product. Long lifespan – durable components, precise assembly, the dust can not get inside thanks to its construction. Changing the drill bit takes just a few seconds. Forward-backward rotation, 0 - 30,000 adjustable RPM. (Sold without the drill bit shown on the picture)

    Xtreme Drill 3:

    Premier drill made by a dental quality manufacturer. Improved rotation (20,000- 30,000). Stronger, totally resonance free. Quiet at even the highest rotation. Long lifetime due to the durable components. Bit changing with one move.


    X1 Drill Machine:

    Our new favourite is the new X1 Drill. It has good load capacity; back and reverse spinning; 0-20.000 rev and amazing price!

    The X1 Nail Drill machine is used for the nails forming and removing during the manicure and artificial nail building procedure. With its easy control and small body, it is a true aid for both the beginner and experienced professionals as well. Small snow-white design with basic, reliable knowledge: FWR/REV rotation, stage-free 0-20.000RPM speed control for the quality of work. 


    Led Extreme +

    This lamp is the evolution of the popular LED Extreme Lamp. 33 perfectly placed high-powered UVLED bullbs for the best possible effect. Magnetic mirror panel is easy to remove, which comes especially handy during everyday maintenance and during manicures. Motion sensitive on/off switch, timer, and a special “Low Heat Mode” with which you can lessen heat spikes and thus make the burning sensation that occurs during the curing of certain materials a less painful experience for your clients. Timer: 10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec,

    Led Extreme Party Lamp

    Because of the good effect of the music we decided to put speakers in your UV/LED lamp with inbuilt Bluetooth connection. Our aim was to make you and your guests happier. Parameters: 36 Watt; 21 UV/LED bulbs; motion sensor; magnetic mirror panel.

    It has an inner magnetic mirror which guarantees the equable curing of the materials.

    Led Express +

    Lightweight, high-powered (36W), semicircular UV/LED lamp in a soft color that is the blend of classy pearl and snow white. Ideal for nail technicians of all skill and experience levels. There are no dead spot: the light reaches the nails from every direction. It does not disturb the eye.

    Timing: 30 and 60 seconds (and 100 seconds for the motion-activated mode). Accessories: AC adapter


    Giga LED Table Lamp:

    Adjustable brightness - 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% light intensity.
    Thanks to its wide head the it can brighten up the entire work area and as physical comfort is critical to work effectiveness it helps you get through the day by providing a comfortable feeling.
    The top of the lamps can be moved to 360 degree sideways and 180 degree up and down and it can be attached up to most of the nail stations.


    Smart Table Lamp

    Practical, light weight 'smart' table lamp for the well-lit work space.

    -On and Off function with motion sensor (pull your hand over the head part to switch it on and off)
    -LED light source
    -Can be warm / cool colour temperature (2700K, 5300)
    -Six gradual brightness control (3 hot and 3 cold)
    -Three point bend fixture
    Hinge, positioned head

    Accessories: adapter and mounting panel (for table top mounting).

    Attractive Dust Collector:

    High-powered, effective dust collector and hand rest. Attractive, ergonomic design for maximum comfort. White leatherette cover, stainless steel-like edges.

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