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    Accredited Luxlash Eyelash Extension Course

    Start your eyelash extension career right from the basics!
    One day course on Friday 20th of August
    Our Classic Eyelash Extensions one day training gives you all the information, knowledge and support you need to start your new career.
    If you are ready to learn how to start a business as a lash artist, offering classic lashes to your clients, you are at the best place!
    If you have done Lash training before, but you need a little refresher, you are more than welcome too. It can be because you haven’t been practiceing for a while, or didn’t get the right education to start with, or you are missing support… We are here for you! The training is designed for beginners, so don’t worry if you haven’t got any previous experience in the beauty industry. The one-day-training includes:

    Health and Safety, Salon Hygiene
    Anatomy of the eye, Lashes and the Natural Lash Cycle.
    The Natural Lash and their function
    Your tools and how to set up your working place.
    Adhesive (safety, patch test, correct dipping)
    Eyelash Extensions (curls, length, thickness)
    Client Consultation and its importance
    Preparation -What do you and what does your client must do before the application?
    How to set up your room
    Under Eye Patches (different types, how to cover the lashes)
    Measuring the Natural Lashes
    Isolation of the Natural Lashes
    Pick up technique
    Attachment (attaching inner corner)

    Cleansing, Cleaning and Keeping it Clean
    The price of the intensive one day course is €300 that includes full professional starter kit , certificate and Crystal Nails membership card ( 30% discount on every Crystal Nails product in the future)
    If you are interested doing the course with us please get in touch. Contact details:
    Girls! Don`t miss out this unique opportunity :)
    See you in our training centre!

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