Color gels

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Brilliant gel

The specialty of the Crystal Nails BRILLIANT color gel collection...

Fly - Brill gel

The crystal-mica shine of the Crystal Nails Fly-Brill color group...

Baroque gel

For metallic, 3D baroque effect designs.

Art gel - painting gel

Dense painting gel.

€12.00 + VAT

Lace Gel

Extremely dense, indefinitely formable new nail art gel.

€12.00 + VAT

Ice Metal gel

Metallic shine of the frosty winter colors.

Snow Crystal gel

Silky and pearly sparkling, soft and elegant metallic colors.

Full Diamond gel

Stronger sparkling effect, more than ever, in 16 really wild colors.

Desert Gel - Frost effect

Desert Gels - Non Cleansing Frost Effect Decor Gels

€11.00 + VAT

3D Hard Color gel

Thick color gels, for those who do not work with acrylic

Nacreous gel

Metallic UV color gel versions in the bluish trends colors.

ABOUT Color gels

Due to the unique Crystal Nails gel material and the high pigment content, these color nail gels have an extremely good coverage and color brightness. The material does not flow, 3D effect lines can be easily drawn with them. The intensive colors also cure fast. You can find almost 500 colors and a lot of surface effects in this category of color gel nails.