Color Powders

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Brilliant powder

Color acrylic powder with special mica effects

Decor Powders

Strong pigmentation, perfect coverage and maximum color intensity.

Sparkling powder

Sparkling champagne effect with extremely good color brigthness

Full Diamond powder

Stronger sparkling effect, in 14 really wild colors.

Metal - Snow Crystal powder

Color powders with great coverage and silky shimmering

Mercury powder

Color acrylic powder with mercury effect

Neon Crystal powder

High quality neon pigments mixed with Snow Crystal effect!

Crystal Drops

Cool effect for acrylic nails, in 4 colours

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ABOUT Color Powders

COLOR ACRYLIC POWDERS - The choice of the Champions - strong pigmentation, high coverage and color intensity. 

In this category you can find more than 15 special effects and more than 300 color acrylic nail powders. (Click on the image to check the colors). 

The colorful acrylic powders require more liquid than the acrylic nail powders of Crystal Nails. You have to wipe the color powders with color pigments and micas on a paper towel, in order to reach the proper color effect and consistency. Cover them with Clear material!

Check out the most popular and vivid Decor acrylic color powders, the Giga Pigment Fine powders, which contain extra amount of pigments, and they are perfect for to create 3D acrylic nail art designs. Don't miss the Thermosensitive Chameleon powders, which change their color as the temparature changes.