Dry Manicure Kit


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    Product description

    With the brand new drill bit kit (6pcs) you can perfectly perform the so-called dry manicure.

    The regrowth can be slow down, if you use them at the preparation period. You can thoroughly remove the remaining skin on the nail plate, so you can push the material towards the cuticle area.

    The functions of the drill bits:

    1. Natural polishing head: For the cleaning of the tiny cracks, for skin polishing
    2. Small sphere: For deeper cleaning
    3. Large sphere: For the removal of the thickened skin or calluses
    4. Funnel-like cylinder: For the control-cleaning of the already prepared nail grooves
    5. Thin cylinder: For the removal of the cuticle and the skin on the natural nails
    6. Pointed cylinder: For the cleaning of the side grooves

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