Drill Bits

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Dry Manicure Drill Bit Kit

With the brand new drill bit kit (6pcs) you can perfectly perform...

€40.00 + VAT

Xtreme Titanium Drill Bits

Xtreme durable titanium coated drill bits

€34.00 + VAT

New Manicure Bits

New edition manicure drill bits.

€9.50 + VAT

Carbide Bit

Strong nail drill bits

€15.00 + VAT


Drill Bits

Crystal Nails High Quality Drill Bits

€24.00 + VAT

Joker Manicure Bit

This bit is designed to work on the cuticule.

€27.50 + VAT

Joker - Cuticule Bit

Pedi Drill Bits

Useful tools for Manicure-Pedicure

€6.00 + VAT

Big Diamond Ball

Ceramic Drill Bits

Pain & Resonance free usage

€30.00 + VAT

Surface Refiner Drill Bit

Can fully replace the filing of the surface.

€22.00 + VAT

Cylinder - Rounded

Pedi Drill Bit Kit

Diamond bit kit for pedicure.

€40.00 + VAT

6 pcs

Rhinestone Remover Drill Bit

Easily remove rhinestones with this brand new drill bit!

€10.00 + VAT

Rhinestone Remover

Easy Refill Carbide Bit

Ideal for sculpting and filling gel, acrylic and acrylgel.

€25.00 + VAT

Easy Refill Bit