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    Crystal Xtreme Clear gel (15ml)

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    Top quality, thick builder gel, the strongest Crystal builder gel

     Extremely shiny, clear and adheres well. Very good formability and extreme durability characterizes it. Its transparent purple color has UV filter and color brightening effect. Cure time: 3 minutes in UV lamp, 15 seconds in LED lamp. Single phased gel, which does not require base gel. Acid free.
    Quickly cures due to the included accelerator. It can get warm during the curing, so cure it first for 5 seconds, then take your guests hand out of the lamp for 5 seconds and then cure it again for approx. 10 seconds, then bend. This way, it will certainly not burn or heat.
    UV/Led system

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    Virginia T. Rawls: Xtreme strength (2015-01-29 04:25:43)

    The strongest builder gel I've ever tried. It causes burning sensation for a short while, but it is super strong and long lasting.

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