Crystal Xtreme TITANIUM gel (15ml)



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    Product description

    Transparent, medium thick , special XTREME builder

    Brand new consistency, special builder gel. Medium thickness, no heat spike! Thanks to a secret ingredient the material keeps itself together, does not flow. Ensures maximal control, which is necessary for the quality work. Thus the control is in your hand, not in the material’s. Inimitable. Due to its unique components it is hypoallergenic. Cure time: 2-3 minutes in UV lamp, 1-2 minutes  in LED lamp.

    Pinch time: 40-50seconds in UV lamp, 15-20 seconds in LED.

    UV/Led system

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    Product Reviews

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    5 out of 5

    Gina Levario: A must have builder gel (2017-10-07 07:01:56)

    Product is easy to work with, Due to its thicker consistency it Is easily manipulated To get that perfect coverage on tips as well Nail sculpting. bottom line I have this product and will continue to have it. Enjoy

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    Older reviews

    Top notch!!!!!!

    Frances Adams (2015-04-03 15:32:14)

    This product is by far the best of the best <3


    Janice (2014-12-23 11:38:45)

    So far I'm loving this gel. Easy to work with, seems very strong with excellent clarity. Will purchase again.


    Betty (2015-02-07 10:39:10)

    If you work with gels, you won't find a better product on the market.


    Sandy S. Cline (2014-12-23 19:34:11)

    As a nail tech, this is the gel I use on clients because it burns much less than other builder gels. It doesn't flow which makes my work much easier.

    Titanium gel

    Mary Philips (2014-12-08 10:12:50)

    Can't live without it! :))))))))))