Clear builder gels

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Cool Remove Clear Builder Gel

Having the same formula as Cool Gel, this is an easy to soak off...

€28.00 + VAT

Xtreme Cool Gel

Crystal clear, Xtreme builder gel with reduced heat generator formula.

€28.00 + VAT

Xtreme Superior Builder Gel

New Generation Xtreme Builder Gel

€28.00 + VAT

Titanium gel

Transparent, medium thick , special XTREME builder

€27.00 + VAT

Gum gel

Gum transparent gel, with perfect adhesion.

€57.14 + VAT

Builder Clear gel II.

Transparent, soft builder gel.

€23.00 + VAT

€27.50 + VAT

15 ml

ABOUT Clear builder gels

Crystal Nails Clear builder gels - exceptional reliability. Different density, strength, high-quality  for extra use as well. To create long-lasting nails, every step has to be perfect starting with the base. The most populat Crystal Nails clear builder gels are: Titanium and Xtreme Clear gel. Xtreme Clear is the strongest Crystal builder gel, so it can be pinched and shaped very well. Also perfect for to create extreme nail shapes with it. Titanium gel is a special medium thick builder gel. It can be used for both short and long nails. Gum gel a medium soft clear builder gel. It can be perfectly used at the salon work, as it can be spread easily. You can use it as a base layer at problematic clients. It is very flexible. Builder Clear I. is a thicker builder gel, with an iceblue color. That is why it has color brigthening effect, which makes the French free edge more vivid.Can't be Pinched. Builder Clear II. is a clear soft builder gel, which is recommended for creating short salon nails. Acid free.