CN Builder Gel - Milky Rose 15ml


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    Product description

    Light Pink shade with fantastic coverage.

    Moderately thick builder gel

    Light Pink shade and it has a similar ability to cover like the cover

    refill gel. unique shade of pink builder gels what we can use in every

    phase of salon work: building the whole nail, filling up, even for the

    babyboomer. Because of the amount of the pigments, it can cure

    in a thicker layer. Use a base gel for proper cohesion (Compact base

    gel). Cure this new Milky Rose builder gel periodically to avoid the too much heat. For bending

    build a clear base because this gel couldn’t get curved.

    cure time: LED: 1-2min UV: 2-3min

    CN Tip: Use the Low-Heat mode on the LEDextreme lamp.

    Sizes: 15ml , 50ml

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