Cover Refill Hard Crystal Gel



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    Thick builder gel with pearly-ice-crystal nail bed color.

    Wonderful gel for nail bed extension with pearly shade which contains ice-crystals. It has natural nail bed color that contains small whitish micas. It is the micaceous version of the popular Cover Refill Hard gel. Due to its density, you can easily create the C-curve with it. Easy to handle Due to the ideal amount of pigments it covers perfectly at the smile line. You don’t have to stir it up, as the micas spread evenly in the jar. Apply it with a firmer brush: Nero Merlo II, Nero Merlo III brush or Firm Gel.

    Cure time in UV lamp 3-4 mins, in LED 2-3 mins.
    Pinch time in UV lamp 40-45 secs, in LED 30-35 secs.

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