Brazilian Pebbles

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Brazilian Pebbles

Brazilian Pebbles Strip less wax

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ABOUT Brazilian Pebbles

Brazilian Pebbles Wax, the Brazilian wax in beads, safe and Made in Italy, concentrates Skin System products’ effectiveness and delicacy on the skin in small capsules. An innovative product born from traditional hair removal methods, reformulated and enriched with precious raw materials. Disposable, practical and fast, it guarantees the compliance with the rules of hygiene. SkinSystem Pebbles incorporate the hair with precision and tenacity, even the shortest and most resistant, and do not stick to the skin thus eliminating skin discomfort in the removal phase. Thanks to its low melting temperature, slightly higher than the body temperature, the application produces a comfortable effect on the skin. Proper hair extraction prevents the abnormal hair growth under the skin, which causes ingrown hairs and folliculitis. In addition, the strip-free removal gives greater freedom of movement and allows to use this wax to epilate even the private parts and small parts. Brazilian Pebbles Wax allows an effective and capillary hair removal, ensuring hair thinning and reduction over time, leaving the skin silky and lengthening the time between waxing. They are also ideal in association with pulsed light sessions, improving the result.